A Churreria with a distinctive look

06 October 2022

Churros are a breakfast snack, best described as a kind of fried dough that you dip into hot chocolate. Churros are immensely popular in Spain and Portugal, as well as in Central American countries such as Mexico.

Whereas in Spain you can often enjoy this delicacy at a local "churreria", a chain of churrerias called El Moro has sprung up in Mexico.

Of course, the best way to stand out as a chain is to have a distinctive look, and as you can see from the photos, El Moro has certainly succeeded in this. The blue and white walls are decorated with a playful pattern, while the rest of the interior design is simple and clean-cut.

The idea is that when churro lovers spot this distinctive look, they will be in no doubt that they have found an El Moro outlet. And because shop interiors have the potential to indicate the origin of a product/service, they can also be regarded as trademarks in some cases. For El Moro, this is more than enough reason to register their shop interior as a brand in the European Union.

They describe their trademark as follows: "The trademark consists of the exterior and interior decoration of a catering establishment, the arrangement of the furniture, which consists of tables and chairs, and the decorative elements of the walls and floor, which are covered in blue and white tiles with a distinctive pattern, while above a recessed window, there is a sign bearing the text "EL CHURRERO"

The application is yet to be approved by the European Trademarks Office, and although trademarks such as shop fittings are not common, we think it is only a matter of time before this trademark is accepted.



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