A jaguar versus a puma

07 March 2023

We recently witnessed quite an interesting 'cat-fight' between a jaguar and a puma. Not just any jaguar and puma, but the luxury car brand and the famous manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing.

But how on earth did such wildly different brands get caught up in a trademark dispute? The trouble started when Puma recently filed an application of their logo for NFTs and interactive games, among other things. Jaguar's logo has also been registered for similar products. With the recent frenzy of applications for all things digital and NFT-related, conflicts between brands operating in totally different markets are becoming more common.

Is one leaping predatory cat much the same as another? We will have to wait and see, as a decision is yet to come unless the parties reach a settlement first. But the mere fact that both logos feature a leaping wild cat will not be nearly enough evidence to prove this case; there must also be a clear visual similarity, and although both cats are leaping, and in the same direction at that, they do not really resemble each other at first sight.

What is interesting, however, is that Jaguar is also invoking the reputation of its brand, which would allow it to claim broader protection. How will that argument stand up in relation to another well-known trademark? This could turn out to be a very interesting decision.

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