A little less conversation, a little more legal action

14 June 2022

Besides the lure of the various large casinos, Las Vegas also attracts many (drunk) couples to the various chapels for an Elvis-style wedding, where the wedding is often performed by an Elvis Presley impersonator. But this is coming to an end.

Authentic Brands Group, the licensing company that manages the name and image of Elvis Presley, has ordered all wedding chapels in the American gambling city to stop doing so to protect the singer's registered (brand) name. Chapels who continue to do so can expect legal action.

It is unclear why Authentic Brands Group is only now taking action. Elvises' have been performing weddings in Las Vegas for decades.

Weddings in Las Vegas bring in about 1.8 billion euros annually, and weddings with Presley impersonators account for a large part of that. It is not inconceivable that this is a major reason for this legal action. "It's now or never", they must have thought at Authentic Brands Group.



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