A purring sound mark and a meditating gnome

08 December 2022

Trademarks can come in all shapes and colours. The most usual form is a brand name accompanied by a logo, but distinctive colours, shapes, a position or – increasingly often – a short film may also function as a trademark and be registered as such.

It is often the less traditional trademarks (not consisting of a name or logo) that stand out most in the trademarks register.

An example of this is Porsche’s new sound mark. Although this trademark was submitted for cars, among other things, it is not exactly clear how it will be applied. The sound in question is that of a futuristic car accelerating. The roar of an engine is becoming a thing of the past thanks to the increasing popularity of electric cars, so it is time for something new. Could this sound function as a trademark? Will consumers think of Porsche and its cars when they hear it? The question is whether this sounds different enough from any other accelerating electric car to become a trademark. At the moment, it is still being assessed by the European Trademarks Office, so we will just have to wait and see.

Volkswagen have also submitted a rather distinctive trademark recently: a shape mark consisting of a meditating gnome. Judging by the product description, this is probably for a car accessory ─ perfume or lighting perhaps? Whatever it is for, it is certainly unusual.

Beeld bij tekst Volkswagen

 Submitted shape mark of Volkswagen

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