A Rubik's cube is just a cube

25 October 2019

This month, the General Court of the European Union ruled on appeal that the shape of the Rubik’s cube cannot be registered as an EU trademark. This confirms the decision that was already made in 2017.

Since 1999, the cube has been registered as an EU trademark. German toymaker Simba Toys opposed this decision in 2006 by applying for a declaration of invalidity.

In 1974, the Hungarian mathematician Erno Rubik used his self-conceived cube for the first time during his lessons. A year later he applied for a patent in his own country. In the eighties, the cube was marketed by German game maker Tom Kremmer and the toy caused an enormous craze.

Following the ruling, the cube can now be officially produced by manufacturers other than Rubik’s Brand Ltd.

© photo: Alvaro Reyes

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