Audi heartbeat

19 June 2019

Image and sound play a major role in today’s world. Just watching a movie has never been easier. It is therefore not surprising that brands want to distinguish themselves by moving images and their own sound mark.

Audi even has a name for its sound: Audi Heartbeat. On their website they explain what this sound mark is about and when it is used. Such a brand manual is very useful as a reference for anyone who has to use this sound mark and other Audi trademarks (these are the people at Audi itself). Audi also shows everybody that it is taking its trademarks seriously.

The Audi Heartbeat has now also been filed as a trademark in the European Union. Since last year, you can file trademarks with the EUIPO by means of sound clips, films, moving images, etc. As with all other trademarks, the trademark must be distinctive. The Audi sound mark has already passed this test and has been accepted by the EUIPO.

Listen to this sound mark here:


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