Beer Fraud

15 April 2019

Two suspects from Nijkerk (the Netherlands) were sentenced up to 15 months’ imprisonment this month for “beer fraud”. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, at least 5,000 counterfeit kegs of beer have been sold under the Heineken, Amstel and Grolsch brand names.

According to the Public Prosecutor, this form of fraud has never occurred before. The barrels of the brewers were washed in a car wash and then filled with other beer. The case started to roll after complaints about the beer. The kegs appeared to come from the town of Nijkerk.

The officer demanded fifteen months’ imprisonment from the fraudulent director and ten months’ imprisonment from his wife. A suspended fine of five tonnes was claimed against his companies. The lawyers stressed that the suspects had made a confession and that the fraud was being made far too big.

Source: ANP

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