06 January 2020

Apple removed the Rewound app from the App Store this week. The app made it possible to add the design of an iPod Classic to an iPhone.

The app was well-received by users, as it was very cleverly made. However, according to Apple, Rewound is copying the iPod design, which would infringe trademark rights and allow users to view the app as an Apple product.

The click wheel is an iconic part of the design of the original iPod Classic. Users can rotate their finger around the outer edge to navigate through the menu. The wheel also had buttons to play and pause music.

Users praised Rewound’s iPod Classic option for its nostalgic feel. With the app, it was possible, for a fee, to add a virtual click wheel to the screen of an iPhone. This layer could then be used to control Apple Music in the same way as the original iPod Classic.

Rethought wants to raise 20,000 euros with a fundraiser to create a web version of Rewound. In this way, the developer hopes to circumvent Apple’s rules for the App Store and still offer the app.

Apparently, the app maker has not realized that Apple’s intellectual property rights can also be invoked outside of the App Store.


© photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

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