Copying Brooke Shields' eyebrows

12 June 2019

Brooke Shields, famous for the Blue Lagoon, has filed a lawsuit against makeup company Charlotte Tilbury and its related retailers who she claims have infringed her famous eyebrows.

Charlotte Tilbury and its related retailers are alleged to have profited off of Shields’ signature look by stamping her name on an eyebrow pencil without her consent, according to a complaint filed in a US Court.

Shields entered into a collaboration with MAC cosmetics in 2014 and claims to not have endorsed any other makeup brands.

The disputed product, an eyebrow pencil named ‘Brow Lift’ features a shade labelled ‘Brooke S’, which she alleges was created to “capitalise on [her] iconic eyebrows”.

The complaint states that Shields is seeking a call for a judgement, actual and compensatory damages, and disgorgement of all profits obtained from the product.

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