Grande restrictions

05 April 2019

American pop music star Ariana Grande has sparked an outcry from photographers and media organizations with her new concert tour agreement. Reportedly, as a response to “greedy photographers” taking advantage of her in the past, the new contract requires that photographers hand over full copyright to their photos.

Sources connected to the singer say that after shooting as many photos as they wanted of Grande in concert, the photographers would then have their photos used on unauthorized merchandise, like calendars, photo books, memorabilia, and more.

After seeing “multiple incidents” of this unauthorized photo usage, Grande and her camp reportedly decided to strike back by rolling out an ultra-strict contract for concert pit photographers.

The new concert limits photographers to covering only the first three songs at a concert from the pit. It also states that all photos are shot on a “work-made-for-hire” basis, meaning the photographer agrees to transfer all rights (including copyright) to Grande’s company.

Finally, if photographers wish to use the photos they shoot for any purpose, including journalism, they must receive written approval from Grande.

As expected, photographers aren’t happy about this contract, and some pretty big organizations in the world of photojournalism are publicly protesting the policy.

Source: Petapixel

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