Guns N' Roses draws weapon

28 December 2022

US rock band Guns N' Roses has gone to court because a gun shop is using the same name.

“Texas Guns N' Roses” is an online shop from the US that not only sells firearms, but also sells rose bouquets. What? Yes, really!

The 80s rock band, known for hits like Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle and November Rain, is clear: this use is without permission. The arms dealer misleads consumers in this way by making them believe there is a connection with the band. In court, the band is therefore demanding that the use of their band name be stopped immediately.

The gun shop is unaware of any wrongdoing: there has "never been any confusion" and the band has "no proof" of this either. “Absolutely no one is confused. No one thinks we are the band or that we are somewhat connected to it,” the gun shop's lawyer said.

It remains to be seen what the judge thinks about this. Well-known trademarks have a broader scope of protection. They can also act against similar brand names that are used for completely different products or services from those for which the brand name is protected. For instance, if this damages their reputation.

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