20 January 2020

The Chinese fast-food chain Real Kungfu has been sued by Shannon Lee, daughter of martial arts actor and kung fu legend Bruce Lee, for 27 million euros. The company has been using the image of Lee since 2004.

Real Kungfu, who in China is called Zhen Gongfu, has expressed its surprise at the indictment because the company has been using the logo for so long. The logo shows a drawing of a man resembling Bruce Lee, dressed in a yellow jumpsuit, standing in a fighting position.

The daughter of Lee, who died in 1973, demands that the fast-food chain immediately stops using Lee’s image, and wants the company to carry out a rectification for ninety days, clearly stating that her father has nothing to do with the chain.

Although China has had rules on the use of intellectual property since the 1980s and has tightened them further since then, the practice is that they are still handled lightly. This case will hopefully prove that the state’s protection of intellectual property rights is taken more and more seriously.

Source: nu.nl

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