Last Christmas (party)

14 January 2021

Hopefully everyone has recovered from Christmas and New Years!

In this regard we recently noticed the European application of Christmas Party. This trademark is filed for entertainment in the field of online computer games and online betting. An online game where you can bet what the main course at Christmas dinner will be? No, the trademark owner has made a whole Christmas game.

We think it’s remarkable that this wordmark has been accepted by the EUIPO. An entertainment game about Christmas? In our opinion a rather descriptive trademark. Other recent trademark applications of this trademark owner are also accepted, such as the ANIMAL QUEST (a quest relating to animals…). And last but not least we are very curious about the game CHAMPAGNE SHOWERS, which is also filed as a trademark.

Does this show that the EUIPO is again becoming a bit more flexible in accepting trademarks? We doubt this. The fact is that it sometimes is worthwile to choose Spanish as your first language so that your trademark is assessed by perhaps more flexible Spanish examiners.

We wish everyone a lot of creativity this year!

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