Lego Wars

05 August 2019

The Chinese police raided a factory in the city of Shenzen, where fake LEGO was said to have been produced and sold for millions of euros.

“In October 2018, the police discovered that Lepin building blocks offered for sale were very similar to those of LEGO” the police in Shanghai writes in a statement.

Four people were arrested during the police raid on Chinese toymaker Lepin. The raid was initiated after the police found out that the design of LEGO’s Star Wars set was being sold.

The police seized around 630,000 of Lepin’s products, worth about 200 million Chinese yuan (about 26.2 million euros).

The counterfeit LEGO maker sold the toy at a fraction of the Danish toy maker’s price. Where a box of Lepin toys cost €2,70, the price of a comparable box of LEGO is at least €15,-.

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