Llama drama

08 April 2019

The creators of the giant stuffed llamas in Fall Out Boy’s “Young and Menace” video have sued the band, alleging they were licensed to use the puppets for just the video “but not beyond.”

Further uses of the llama puppets, such as at concerts and in television appearances are not “within the scope of the original implied license, and none of it was foreseeable.”

The complaint alleges the puppets “have now become central to Fall Out Boy’s identity, brand, and music — and have been viewed nearly 1 billion times on social media and other mediums.”

Furry Puppet claims the llama puppets now have “a life of their own,” as the band has sold llama-related merchandise such as shirts, stuffed animals, and keychains; created a phone app featuring them; and even released an EP called “Llamania,” with the llama puppets.

The company asks that the court declare it to be the copyright owner and seeks damages for copyright infringement, breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Source: Forbes.com

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