Matterhorn disappears from Toblerone packaging

10 March 2023

Next time you're at an airport, quickly grab a collector's item Toblerone. The iconic image of the Matterhorn - with an image of a bear hidden within it - will soon no longer appear on the packaging of Toblerone bars due to strict Swiss regulations.

The manufacturer of the iconic triangular-shaped chocolate bars, Mondelez, is moving some of its production outside of Switzerland, which means the bar is "not Swiss enough" according to Swiss rules. Therefore, typical Swiss expressions on the packaging are no longer allowed.

The Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland and has been on the Toblerone packaging since the early 1970s.

However, as Mondelez moves part of its production to the Slovakian capital Bratislava, the use of the Matterhorn will come to an end. The bars will no longer be considered fully Swiss, a requirement for using the Matterhorn.

Mondelez has stated that the Matterhorn will be replaced by a mountain top that looks more "generic."

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