Neymar gets his name back

17 May 2019

Brazilian footballer Neymar has won a lawsuit over the registration of his name as a trademark. The General Court of the European Union confirmed the rejection of the trademark registration by the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

A Portuguese man had registered the name of the Paris Saint-Germain striker as a trademark in 2012. Neymar Da Silva Santos Júnior, as the footballer is called in full, objected four years later. The EUIPO proved him right, but the Portuguese applicant went to the European court.

The court ruled that it believes that the man acted in bad faith since Neymar was already known in Europe as a Brazilian international at the time (2012). The soccer player got his first contract with a European club, Barcelona, in 2013.

The Portuguese claims that he wanted to register the name because of the sound was rejected by the judges. He just wanted to make a profit, is the verdict.

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