Not livin' it up at the hotel California

15 November 2019

Rock band The Eagles are suing a hotel over its name. The Eagles, perhaps best known for the 1976 classic “Hotel California” acquired the trademark for the name ‘Hotel California’ in the late 1970s.

The hotel in question opened in 1950 as Hotel California but changed its name to Todos Santos Hotel. In 2001, Debbie and John Stewart bought the hotel and began to market the hotel as Hotel California.

The Eagles are asking that the hotel stop using the Hotel California name and that it pay damages.

“Hotel California is arguably the band’s most popular song and in many ways embodies the very essence of the band itself. The song continues to be hugely popular, and the song’s name has become synonymous with the band,” according to the complaint. “Hotel California” is not based on any particular place.

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