Pandora's box

23 August 2019

Music services Pandora is under attack by a range of artists and publishers, including Tom Petty, The Beach Boys, The Doors and others.

Wixen, a music publisher that represents The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, The Doors and Weezer, amongst others, is suing Pandora for copyright infringement. The company states that Pandora is not allowed to post the lyrics of the listed artists’ songs, because no current agreement provides them with this right.

Pandora consults third-party companies to provide accurate song lyrics along with their music streaming service. However, Wixen claims that its artists’ lyrics are not covered by any current licensing agreement and are not available for distribution by third-party companies.

Wixen manages over 2,000 artists’ songs. Though the lawsuit specified damages of $150,000 for each of the 100+ sets of lyrics Pandora is displaying without permission (according to Wixen, of course), it is expected that a settlement will be reached between the companies.

Towards the end of 2018, Wixen settled a $1.3 billion-dollar lawsuit with Spotify for an undisclosed amount. Pandora has yet to issue an official response.


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