Pay attention! Fraudulent companies

24 November 2020

When registering your trademark you always need to pay attention to fraudulent companies that offer misleading proposals. Due to the public character of the trademark register, there is always a chance that companies will approach you with fraudulent offers or charge too much for their services. Fake invoices, unnecessarily high amounts for renewal of your brand and too expensive Chinese domain names… unfortunately it all happens.

Fake invoices

During your trademark application, there are lots of fraudulent companies watching. These companies pretend to be an official trademark office and send you a letter concerning the trademark application in order to seduce you to be included in their database. You will pay no official fee, but you will pay for registration in a worthless database. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with an inexhaustible list of misleading companies. This list is growing so fast that it makes it very difficult to act against them. You should be on alert when you receive an invoice directly from a company for trademark-related issues, because Knijff will always pay those official fees. Do you have any doubts? Please contact us.

Too high amounts for renewal

There are also a few companies that pretend to be a regular trademark office and send trademark owners a renewal notification. The trademark will be renewed for absurdly high fee, which easily can be two, three or four times the fee a regular official trademark office normally asks for.

Remember that you will always receive a message from Knijff if any action is required concerning the registration of your brand. Any other message about renewal can be ignored. If you have doubts, you can always share the suspicious message with us.

Expensive Chinese domain names

Concerning the registration of domain names, trademark owners are approached by fraudulent companies that claim, for example, that your trademark is used as a domain name by another party as their domain name. That is absolutely false. These companies try to sell you expensive Chinese domain names.

Here you will find a list with fraudulent companies where you should pay attention to. Be warned, this list is not exhaustive. So you if you want to be sure you deal with a fraudulent company, check with Knijff first.

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