Registering a crook as a trademark

05 October 2021

Particular trademarks are filed regularly. This often concerns strange logos and/or funny words. Often the non-traditional trademarks are remarkable such as a colored collar, a doll made of brains or a trademark like a crook. These are all examples of trademarks that have recently been filed in the European Union (!).

The 'crook brand' in this list is a strange one. In this mark, only the mask is claimed as a three-dimensional mark, while the rest of the mark consists of dotted lines. This means that the lines are only included to clarify the trademark.

Will this trademark be accepted? Registering a mask that is used by crooks or special investigation teams? A mask of course provides a kind of safety. After all, the trademark has been applied for security equipment and security services. While the mask trademark is somewhat unusual, the odds of acceptance seem slim.

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