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22 July 2019

Chinese company Xiaomi is going to release a new smartphone with a surprising new feature. 3D emoji that look just like you. Xiaomi has even come up with a very original name: Mimoji.

The link with Apple’s memoji’s is quite obvious. On iPhone, you can create memojis that look just like you and dress them up with different accessories. Then you can use them to create stickers or videos. It seems that the mimojis work more or less the same way.

Of course, Apple wasn’t the first to come up with personalized avatars, but at least they gave them an interesting twist. Xiaomi hasn’t gone to too much extra trouble, and even the style seems to be copied from Apple. Not to mention the name.

Xiaomi stated it has done an internal audit and concludes that there is no plagiarism at all. Convenient.

Source: MacRumors

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