Sundae Bloody Sundae

18 November 2019

McDonald’s in Portugal has apologized for the marketing slogan “Sundae Bloody Sundae” in his Halloween campaign. Many people reacted furiously to the slogan that refers to one of the bloodiest days during ‘The Troubles” in Northern Ireland.

The term ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Northern Ireland refers to 30 January 1972, when 14 people were shot dead by British soldiers during a civil rights demonstration.

“The campaign was meant to celebrate Halloween,” said a McDonald’s spokesman. “Not as an insensitive reference to a historical event or to upset or insult people.”

According to the spokesman, the campaign, which promoted an action on sundae ice creams, was aimed locally at a small number of branches in Portugal. The fast-food chain has removed all promotional material related to the campaign from the restaurants.

© photo: @bigmonsterlove

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