The new CIA logo: defence or techno festival?

09 February 2021

The new logo of the American intelligence agency CIA has caused quite a stir among designers. Opinions range from 'a poster for a techno festival' to 'a seal for a rusk roll' (according to designer Gert Dumbar).

As soon as the CIA logo was presented in early January, social media went wild. “Do spies have to have a logo at all?” was a frequently asked question. The British secret service MI5 has a logo, as does the Israeli Mossadd. So 'yes', you would say.

The new CIA logo, however, does not replace the classic eagle-and-shield logo. The logo is used on a new website aimed at recruiting more diverse personnel.

“CIA's mission is different from any other. Our website reflects that. With the black and white colour scheme and photography, we want to capture the interest of talented candidates and provide a modern, recognisable experience”, a CIA spokesperson says.

Well, that’s a way to interpret it. Or you could see it as a poster for a techno festival.

CIA logo ENG-1

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