Waterfall Woes

11 May 2023

Huangguoshu Waterfall, a famous tourist spot in China, has gotten itself into hot water. They built a new visitor center using design drawings from an architectural studio without their knowledge, and now the studio is accusing them of infringing their intellectual property rights.

The architects, BCKJ Architects, took to social media platform Weibo to air their grievances, saying that they haven't been paid for their work yet and that the local government in Anshun proceeded with construction without informing them. They're now asking for justice and respect for their intellectual property rights.

This kind of thing isn't uncommon in China, where intellectual property rights violations happen regularly. Even the Shaolin Temple's trademark has been used without permission by a domestic clothing brand!

The accusation against Huangguoshu Waterfall has drawn attention on social media, with many Weibo users supporting the studio and attacking the infringements. It just goes to show that even government departments and state landmarks can't get away with taking people's designs for free.

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