You have a reservation at… The Slutty Vegan.

18 June 2021

Friends invited you for dinner at The Slutty Vegan. At least, we assume that you will wonder what to dress for this occasion. Nevertheless, this concept is growing fast in America and it is quite common to eat a vegetable burger at this restaurant.

Original restaurant names seem to be becoming increasingly important. In Holland we have restaurants with names as The Avocado Show and Happyhappyjoyjoy (both are recommended!). The protection of these distinctive names, which are sometimes licensed, is of course essential.

The famous Turkish chef Salt Bae thought so too. This cook is known for his steaks, which he prepares and finally sprinkles with salt via his forearm (!). He tried to protect this sprinkling as a trademark in the European Union by means of a video fragment. However, this application was rejected because this sign was not sufficiently distinctive.

The Slutty Vegan is now registered as a trademark in the European Union. Remarkable, because normally the EUIPO is not very fond of trademarks that include swear words. Words like FUCK but also MAFIA will be refused. But SLUTTY remains within decent limits. However, DE PUTRA MADRE has been refused as a trademark. So be careful when applying for spicy trademarks.

 Slutty vegan


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