Your robot lookalike

28 October 2019

According to a Dutch newspaper, British robot maker Geomiq is looking for someone who wants to transfer the right to his portrait. Geomiq wants to use this portrait as a face for their care robots. The company offers good money. But beware, if you transfer your portrait in exchange for a lot of money, you will lose the trademark right to your portrait. Maybe even worse, robots will soon be walking around who all look like you (a horrible idea if this would happen to me)!

Sounds futuristic of course. But can you register a portrait as a trademark? Sure. The portrait must be distinctive and, above all, have a trademark function. As a rule, this is only the case with very famous people. So if the company now files the portrait as a trademark, this trademark will most likely be rejected. The chances are better once the portrait of the care robot has become established as a trademark.

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